SEO Optimization Plans

Integrated Web Marketing Strategy

1 - Technical SEO - Update code and build internal link structure, optimize content, fix any errors.

  • 10 pages
  • nique titles, alt tags (all metadata & tags)
  • Remove tables, CSS -Div site
  • Robots.txt
  • Compatibility error check

2 - Ongoing SEO - Search, Develop and Build new (On Page SEO)

  • Content Strategy- 1 Silo - 10 relevant and targeted keywords (not mega keywords)Design blueprint
  • Search-Define Vertical Keywords
  • Search-Define Article Keywords (articles/content provided by client)

3 - Link Building- Basic Directory Promotion (Off Page SEO)

  • Basic Directory Promotion 200 to 400 Links/Submissions per month spread across 1 off page ranking strategies.
  • Highly optimized SEO-friendly manual directory submission
  • Authoritative article creation utilizing unique content.
  • Comprehensive off-page ranking factor drawing from optimized titles, content, and author profile.
  • Highly optimized SEO-friendly article directory submissions.
  • Social media links reinforcing this comprehensive off-page ranking strateg

Landing Page Optimization

Are your PPC Landing Pages providing you with a solid conversion rate? If not, Nsite can help. Our comprehensive landing page optimization process includes the usage of A/B testing to determine which landing pages convert best for your specific campaigns and the utilization of our proprietary dynamic content program which provides the ability to match the content of the landing page to specific search terms.

Poorly created landing pages that are not “sticky” and do not engage your customers will not provide a high conversion percentage while wasting value advertising dollars. As the cost of PPC ads continues to increase, it is a must to have highly effective landing pages to compete in such a competitive climate.

Nsite will create landing pages that are tailored to your campaign or to a specific product or service. A team of designers builds each page from the ground up, using unique images and calls to action while harnessing proven marketing techniques to help increase your sales.

Nsite also designs landing pages to work with your pay per click (PPC) campaigns. To ensure maximum relevancy, each landing page is carefully constructed to compliment the keywords you have designated in your PPC. We will help you improve your conversion rates and increase your overall Return on Investment.

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